Saturday, August 9, 2014

Insurance Articles and the Lynn Haven Ledger

Shortly after moving to our current Lynn Haven location in 2011 we began writing insurance articles for the Lynn Haven Ledger. There are so many consumers who have questions about their insurance policies or they have been given mis information and are confused about entire subject.

There was a need to get simple easy to understand information to the public about insurance issues. After three years now of published articles it has proved to be a great avenue of education for my customers as well as other consumers. Some of my articles are Q & A from real situations. If you have an insurance question you have wanted to know but have never asked please let me know. You may post here or you can email me at or call at 850-784-7974. Check the Lynn Haven Ledger to see if your question was used and to keep up with how insurance benefits you, your family and your financial future.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Back in Business

After three years of semi-retirement, Bill Kirkland is back in the insurance business. Effective June 1, 2009, Bill opened Kirkland Insurance Agency, Inc. An independent agency located in the business district at 1148 Jenks Avenue, Panama City, FL. "I want to be able to help everyone that walks through my door" was Bill's reason for opening an independent agency. After 10 years of being a captive agent of another insurance company he saw where having a variety of companies helps the customer more ways he could help them before. "We can compare rates with great companies right in our office" he explains, "this process gets the best rate for each customer."

"It's our honor to serve you" is the slogan Bill chose for Kirkland Insurance Agency. Bill enjoys helping people and through the process he really gets to know his customers. It's the personal service Bill insists on that forms great relationships with his customers. People can go anywhere for insurance and we want people to know and feel like they are wanted at Kirkland Insurance Agency.

Bill has 21 active years in the insurance industry including working for the Department of Financial Services in Tallahassee as well as 10 years as an agency owner. Bill is a strong image in the insurance industry and now being an independent agency owner, he will be able to use his previous experience to help more people get what they need and want.

If you are interested in contacting Kirkland Insurance Agency, Inc. please call 850-784-7974 or visit .